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A hugo theme which looks like a LaTeX document.


Live Demo:

This theme is heavily inspired by latex-css.

Quick Start

git clone
cd HugoTeX/exampleSite
hugo server -t ../..

Hugo (>= 0.60.1) is required.

Config settings


baseURL = ""
title = "HugoTeX"
paginate = 3
languageCode = "en"
DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
enableInlineShortcodes = true
footnoteReturnLinkContents = "^"

  name = "Kaito Sugimoto"
  abstract = "I'm a software engineer and a coffee enthusiast in Japan. My primary interest lies in the area of natural language processing."

category = "categories"
tag = "tags"
series = "series"

For contributors

Any issues or pull requests are welcome.